Thursday, February 9, 2012


Shapes:  organic or non-organic and geometric shapes are
lines with identities.

Shape is a 2-dimensional outline of your subject, sometimes described as the contour.  To be more specific, a line drawing of a shape may include both the interior and boundary lines of a subject.

Shape is the line become something identifiable.  It is an important genesis for making representational art.  However, Modernists focused on shapes as a way to organize the flat plane of a picture.  As with all the elements of art, in these definitions there are deeper meanings than what is evident on the surface of things.

Pay attention to the shapes created on your surface, and use them to harness the dynamics of your picture plane.

When we add dimension, then form begins to emerge.  That we will save for the next post.


Sonya Johnson said...

This is a fantastic painting. I am totally loving those purples on that oil tank(?) and the organic shadow shape.

What size is this, BTW? Curious artist minds want to know!

Casey Klahn said...

It was 7.5 x 10.5" - thanks for the complimet, Somya!!

Unknown said...

pretty picture !!! wish i could paint like that !