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Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Tips

Top Tips for Travelling Artists is Katherine Tyrrell's series of reports on what works well for taking your studio with you and going over the horizon.  She has plenty of links in her series, and I recommend you read and bookmark her posts for that day when you will be scratching your head over what to pack.

Because I have written for many years about my take on pastels, some of my own hints are linked.  Thank you for that, Katherine.  Much has been made about my choice to paint on sight with only 6 Unisons.  I got that idea from a San Francisco artist, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten and whose URL I can't find anymore.  All that to say I didn't invent the idea.

Two layers in a cigar box.  Insert is a Fome Core DIY box lifted with a ribbon.  Six values of any hue is the organizational principle in this kit.

Maybe out of guilt over the attention I get for this, I have been trying harder to get outside and use the 6 U's kit.  I'm glad to report that some paintings have been started, and yet I have to admit I am not much of an outdoorist.  I did get a really nice painting started at the beach with charcoal and the 6 Us, and then I used my mid-sized box of pastels, pictured above, which I re-fitted right before my trip with a better selection of sticks.  It worked great, and yet when I went to the studio to do the "resolve" of the painting, I struggled and struggled.  So much the better.  Learning happens.

Happily, I have two great painting ideas from my summer's efforts, and they started as the 6 Us in the field.  That is what makes the whole thing worth while, isn't it?

Here are "The Six."  I added my one extra stick, the Grey-18, to extend my value range to the lighter side.  

Making a Mark
Top Tips - Pastels

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Rocks

 A Rare Plein Air Effort.

WIP (Work in Progress)

At The Beach
Photo: Lorie Klahn