Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy Things I Do; Evil Laugh

Here is a series of photos of using Turpenoid on La Carte.  For some reason, there was a crease along the long edge of my La Carte that only showed up when I applied pastel over it.  One method I tried to fill this crease was a Turpenoid wash.  Observe the crease in photo one, the application of the solvent which leaves a dark area initially, and then I continue to work while it dries. Turns out the method never did resolve the crease, but I may be happier with cropping out that 1 inch of edge anyway.

Sketch and block in.

Problem crease.

Uh oh.  Here comes the Turpenoid!

"Mwahh Hahhh Haaaa - Mwooh Har!"

Let it dry and continue to work.

Finished work.

When I do crazy things in my studio, like putting liquid on La Carte, I have to let out an evil laugh.  Enjoy these evil laugh videos with this post!