Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ann Arbor - Brushed and Polished

Casey Klahn in Ann Arbor, MI.

Don't forget to stand back and look at your work from a larger perspective.

The Ann Arbor workshop, which I taught April 7-9, was a 3-day version of the normally 2-day See Differently workshop, with the additional day spent exploring color.  Eighteen artists plus two hosts & I all had a great time struggling through new concepts, and rediscovered old concepts, buffed-up and shined-up to relate to our contemporary day. 

I took the same opportunity to make sure my teaching was more informative and better illustrated than ever before. I use a lot of visual description, and the verbal lectures and explanations are offered with brevity. I conducted three demos.

There were breakthroughs by artists, and it was rewarding for everyone to explore their own ideas and vision with their artwork. I enjoy teaching art workshops and my reward is seeing new things being created by so many artists.

Some upcoming workshops news.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Italy in 2015!

We have enough interested artists on the list to secure a date, but there is still much room.
Contact me to get on the list for further information.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Want To Go To Italy With Me?

Upper Church
4" x 6"
Pastel & Conte Pencil
Casey Klahn

In 2015 I will be going to Italy to teach a 14-day workshop at La Romita.  I first heard about this wonderful art workshop center from a local artist and friend. La Romita was established in 1548 as a monastery. Workshops are housed and catered on site, and logistics for painting forays are supported by the staff.

Here is a blurb from their website:

La Romita School of Art first opened in 1966, under the guidance of Enza Quargnali, as the summer art program of Rockford College in Illinois. For over 50 years people have stayed at La Romita, painting the landscape, people, and towns in the beautiful Umbrian hill country, whose radiant golden light has charmed artists since the days of Perugino and his famous pupil, Rafael.

La Romita.

I am gathering interest for October or July, 2015. Contact me.