Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ann Arbor - Brushed and Polished

Casey Klahn in Ann Arbor, MI.

Don't forget to stand back and look at your work from a larger perspective.

The Ann Arbor workshop, which I taught April 7-9, was a 3-day version of the normally 2-day See Differently workshop, with the additional day spent exploring color.  Eighteen artists plus two hosts & I all had a great time struggling through new concepts, and rediscovered old concepts, buffed-up and shined-up to relate to our contemporary day. 

I took the same opportunity to make sure my teaching was more informative and better illustrated than ever before. I use a lot of visual description, and the verbal lectures and explanations are offered with brevity. I conducted three demos.

There were breakthroughs by artists, and it was rewarding for everyone to explore their own ideas and vision with their artwork. I enjoy teaching art workshops and my reward is seeing new things being created by so many artists.

Some upcoming workshops news.


Unknown said...

It was an enjoyable 3 days and I'm still exhausted even though I only cranked out 3 pieces. Your advice on having a good palette of warm and cool grays to offset the vibrant color was heeded as I ordered some nice Terrages today. Thanks a bunch!

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Deb! Thanks again for the fine picture, and my wife is impressed, too!

Do you already have a photo record of it?

I was telling someone @ that set of 12 frays by Diane, and it is sweet.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Sounds like a great workshop! Congratulations!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Sarah!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Sarah!

Casey Klahn said...
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