Monday, June 9, 2008

Deciduous Trees Expanded

Maples with Blue
8.1" x 6.5"
Casey Klahn

The challenge with these deciduous trees is partly to reduce detail, but just as with the rest of my landscape metaphor, to eliminate or obscure the horizon. Also, the top of the space on the picture plane is a spacial challenge, because the deciduous tree picture, unless it is going to be "about" the trunk, often involves showing the top of the tree.

I have to ask myself, "how would Wolf Kahn handle this space?" His whole tenure under Hofmann was much about arranging the space of the painting. See this wonderful interview that I posted at The Colorist on this and other art lessons from Kahn.


vivien said...

I really like this!

Casey Klahn said...


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Who needs an horizon - just let the colour flow like this casey and it doesn't matter which way up you are!

Casey Klahn said...

Many thanks for the comments, David.