Monday, September 29, 2014


Pastel Gems: A Monthly Round-Up, by Gail Sibley.

Thanks, Gail, for curating my work, The French Modernists, into your blog post.  There are some lovely works to see in the post!

The French Modernists. 2014. Pastel, Oil & Graphite. 11" x 9." Casey Klahn. Note: soft pastels, oil bar (which is oil paint - not oil pastel) and pencil, on archival rag paper. I think I put some gesso on there with my fingers, too.


Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

I really like this as well as oil bars. I have never tried them with pastels. Don't they lift the pastels up?

Casey Klahn said...

This time it was an amazing experience with the very rag like paper. It pills and pills and is best suited for drawing medium - I think it is Magnani paper. The oil goes over a pastel work near the beginning, then afterwards the pastel is stuck over it and it is messy and greasy. Wonderfully out of control.

I feel the benefit, besides the look of the technique, will also be a pastel where the dust is very stable for the life of the picture.

Thank you, Karin.

Anonymous said...

What keeps you from evaporating into the ether?

Casey Klahn said...

LOL. That's funny. Give me awhile for a snappy comeback, Tina.