Monday, December 10, 2007

International Series - Gesa Helms


Here at Pastel, I wish to begin a series of international links to Pastelists from countries other than my own. Call it a one-over-the-world interest in the greater world of our medium of pigment. We begin with Gesa Helms, of Glasgow, Scotland.

Gesa Helms, of Paint and Pastel, is a wonderfully experimental artist whose blog contains both glimpses into her own colorful work and insights into the art base of Scotland. She is based in Glasgow. Her blog blurb is:
"ideas, experiments and thoughts on painting: pastels, oils and more"

See her post about the late, great Joan Eardley for a taste of Scottish art appreciation. Eardley's work is a hoot.

As far as Scotland is concerned, you have to love a nation whose land is in constant marine weather, and whose men wear the kilt anyway. That's tough.

Other things I love about Scotland:
Ice Climbing
Mel Gibson's Movie
Did I mention Whisky?

Things I find mildly amusing about Scotland:

My birth town of Aberdeen, Washington got its name from Aberdeen, Scotland
Scottish Common Sense Realism

Things I want to know more about Scotland:
Scottish Colourists



The Oblong Loop said...

LOVE the bagpipes, love whiskey, not too sure about ice-climbing. Have you ever heard of the the band Iona? Hail from Scotland. Good stuff.

vivien said...

whiskey with an e is Irish - for the the Scottish one you have to leave the e out! >:>D

I like her blog too. And I have liked the work of Joan Eardley for a long time - she really catches those tenement kids - it's a sort of Bronx like area where she drew many of them - overcrowded tenement buildings with shared yards. She did beautiful landscapes as well, very contemporary and free.

Gesa said...

hi! oh... my first write-up elsewhere... makes for strange belongings, but i do prefer st andrews for german flag, i must admit.

as for scottish oddities: have you ever been tempted by Scotland's answer to Coca Cola? Irn Bru... here is it's Christmas ad... with a good dose of Scottish humour.

Many thanks!!!

david santos said...

Hello, Casey.
I love Scotland,
thank you and have a good week

Casey Klahn said...

Mechelle, I'll dig through my old ice climbing pictures just to give you a scare.

Vivien, at least I tried for the English of color! Give me that, at least. I checked my Glenmorangie, and you are so right! No "e".

Casey Klahn said...

Gesa, that was a good chuckle, and Chef's tour of the wintery land of Scots.

Not only did I enjoy linking your noteworthy blog, but it looks like a popular post, too.

Hello, David. Okay, you are next. I told Gesa that my children think Santa starts his Christmas tour in Scotland, then on to the Nordic countries and down through Europe. So, it will be a while if I follow that course.. I want to stick with mostly pastel artists, but you are a kind reader with an interesting blog.