Monday, December 10, 2012

Sheila M. Evans Video Illumination

Sheila M. Evans is very talented, and her illuminated flora have no peer.    


Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

Thank you so much, Casey, for posting this.
Sheila Evans' art is really fantastic. It is so sensitively done and with a lot of skill. I have always admired her work.
Wouldn't you like to have a beer with her in her brewery? I would love that.

Casey Klahn said...

She told me @ that new brewery last year. She and Paul are excited about it and Spokane is a great place for it, too.

Her work is very graceful. I should have shown this when it first came out!

James Hoopes said...

I came across your blog with a total happy surprise. I am not well versed in the painting with pastels but I truly enjoyed wandering through your blog and seeing the way you are able to catch the colors in nature with a vividness and sense of it being alive. I would like to invite you to my own blog to hear of your thoughts on my own work through your eyes and experience.

I especially liked your 'Wooded Story' and your Christmas card, very beautiful.

Casey Klahn said...

I'm proud to know you, James.

BTW, my main blog is The Colorist, and is more about general art topics, rather than the pastel medium. You ought to try pastels, though. I like your sketches!