Friday, August 29, 2008

Draw Five

Olive Trees & Paint
May 2008
Pigment Wash, Charcoal & Pastel
On Diane Townsend Paper
21.5" x 14"
Casey Klahn

Drawing has absorbed much of my attention lately. Many of my recent artworks are drawing-based, as opposed to images that I begin with pastel sticks in large masses of color. I'm using charcoal and pencils again.

At The Colorist, my drawings are gathered under one label here. See the My Drawings label here at Pastel.

Let's explore drawing theories in this Five for Friday post.
  1. I don't seek so much to draw things as I do to make a drawing.
  2. Gather a collection of your own drawings that are framed or cropped somehow. How much negative space did you use?
  3. My best advice for laying out a drawing is to just begin it, and work outward. For this, you need a big sheet of paper.
  4. Don't erase anything, unless it's to add to the drawing.
  5. Proportions are for draftsmen. You are an artist. Think: "will following the rules of proportion enhance my drawing, or sidetrack me instead?"


Lynne Chapman said...

Oh, I can't believe there are no comments here - this is such a fabulous drawing. great colours and a really sexy fluid feel - let me be the first to congratulate you on a great job!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Lynne - nice to meet you and thanks for all the comments.

I admire your children's books and illustrations. Your web site is fun!

This is a breakthrough piece, and is companion with Italian Olive Grove