Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Color Studies

This is the promised color study part of our Abandoned Barn Series workshop. We looked at black and white thumbs already.

These images were scanned, printed and then noted with pastels.

Several color thoughts have been presented here. So far, I am favoring the last one, and I want to massage it some more.

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Brian McGurgan said...

I like the last study very much, too, Casey. Am I correct in thinking that the relatively dark blue and purple values in the sky and field above the barn are pressing down upon the landscape while the yellows in the foreground and the light-valued roof of the barn are pushing upward? Also, that the yellow field and red barn pull forward because of their warmer colors and the cooler blue and purple push back (or recede)? Are you especially interested in the juxtaposition of the yellow and purple complements here or is that a secondary concern? I also like the greens and pinks in the middle study but it doesn't have quite the same heft and drama to me as the last one. I'll be getting down to work on my color studies over the next day or two.