Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knot Tie Down - Field Easel Follies

Get Wind Load Protection with This Bomb Proof Tie Down System for Your Field Easel

Get in an Anchor and Snug it Tight

The Secret Formula - A Triple Equalized Bowline Knot Keeps All Three Legs On the Ground

In getting ready for your outdoor trips, one of the fiddly things is sun protection and wind defense. The umbrella, which I have bungee corded to my Mabef Field Easel, may defend me from the sun, but it also makes the wind load worse. Also, when I add the pastel box and drawing board, I'll have other surfaces that catch the wind. I don't want to have to pick my expensive set of sticks out of the nicely plowed dirt, do I?

Who says those days of rock climbing were wasted? The fancy rope tricks I learned apply to various of life's problems, such as tying down your field easel.

Here is the break down of my system. Buy a section of perlon (nylon) cord) - this one is a 7mm cord bought at REI. I reckon it's about 18 feet long. The carabiners (REI) are attached to the three legs with mini bungee cords (Home Depot). Tie a Triple Bowline to equalize the load (Video Instruction Shown Below - Sorry About the Ads) and attach to the carabiners.

Hammer in a tent stake and attach your rope. I used a Trucker's Hitch, but I fancied it up by using a directional bight. Hey, I'm not giving up all of my secrets, here!

How to Tie a Triple Bowline Knot -- powered by

Thanks, Dan!

Reality check: I did have to do a gentle one hand grab of my kit when a 4 MPH gust of wind threatened a topple. I made a note to myself to directionalize this set-up with a cord going out to the windward side as an additional measure. Vented umbrellas are available for artists, too. I would still use some kind of wind proofing even with that type of umbrella, as your drawing board and pastel box are wind catchers, too.

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