Thursday, November 15, 2007

Selected Pastel Artists

The pastel artists linked here represent the best that the medium has to offer. Enjoy.

Kim Fancher Lordier

Harvey Dinnerstein

Jim Few
Don't be distracted by the poor quality layout of this site. Few's art is among the best work anywhere today. His work, Sunday in the Park suggests space and modeled form with a great brilliance.

Sarah Blumenschein


Casey Klahn said...

Kim Lordier responds via e-mail, and I will post that response if she gives me the O.K.

Casey Klahn said...

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the mention in todays post on your blog, Pastel.

Thank you. An honor...

I enjoyed reading your posts and will continue to check in to read about the topic of the day.


Kim Lordier
From California

Casey Klahn said...

I should have put that in quotes. Anyway, Kim's "California Impressionist" style is a treat to view.

Julia said...

Great artists. Check out this one.....


Casey Klahn said...

Glad you brought that one to us, Julia. I hadn't seen M.J.Erard's paintings before, and they are excellent.