Monday, November 26, 2007

Bits @ Kahn
The link above will take you to an interview titled: Separate/Together, Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason. I haven't read or seen enough about EM, or Cecily Kahn for that matter. In this interview, Kahn reveals some insight on the second generation of Abstract Expressionism and intuitive process, and about having an inherent color sense.

Read Lin Wang's blog post, The Dust on Butterflies' Wings-Wolf Kahn in Pastels. It is about the occasion of Kahn's installation at The Hoyt Institute of Fine Art. BTW, this is an interesting blog to read in general.


Mechelle Rene said...

Very cool! Loved the interview and the links. Thanks! Mechelle

Casey Klahn said...

I appreciate your reading, Mechelle.

Lin Wang said...

Thanks Casey, I just found out your comment today. (I am not sure how to check comments)

I like your works! and your blog is interesting to read.

I quite enjoy Kahn's book. He has the capability to communicate, to express in his words.

I have a kind of neutral feeling toward his pastel works. They are unique, yet hard to touch me. Somehow I think he is intellectual

Casey Klahn said...

I'll post a link to an interview of Kahn ASAP. One thing about his pastels is that no body else is really doing drawings like his.
Gotta watch out for those New Yorkers. They do sound intellectual, and especially his generation.