Monday, November 5, 2007

Pastel Blogs

Noah Klocek, of Imageblock Blog, is known to many through his story board work at Pixar. I must have have seen his work in the special features sections of my kids' movies. Cars, perhaps? Shrek? His blog features many pastels, and they are atmospheric and active.

Klocek belongs to a group in the Bay area known as the Early Bird Painters, and their works are a treat to see, also. Perhaps it's the animation culture or something, but they are adept at the"digital makeover" of their paintings. I actually like the results that they get from these things, but I struggle to grasp the leap from plein air to digital results. Anyone care to inform me on that?
Luminous still lifes, among other things, and handy with a Nikon camera.
Stunning and atmospheric wildlife art.
A neighbor to the North doing plein air seascapes with liveliness.


Karine said...

Your blog is wonderful, Casey. Glad to have found it thru Alyson Stanfield's IC! I will have to come back and visit when I have more time.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Karine.
I am enjoying your blog, too. I have a great love for Joshua Tree from my days as a rock climber.