Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Season's Plein-Air Artists

Here is a round-up of bloggers who are doing their art-making outdoors. I'll cover the old hands, and then introduce you to other artists who, like myself, are taking serious new ventures into on site work.

The experienced ones at on-site work include:
  1. A Plein Air Painter's Blog - Michael Chelsey Johnson
  2. Robin Weiss (local to me, in Poulsbo, WA)
  3. Colette Savage - Pastel Painter, Plein Air Artist
  4. Mike Rooney Studios - Painting a Day
  5. Michael Pieczonka Painting Blog
Blogger artists who are putting their plein-air kits together anew include:
  1. Eden Compton
  2. David Cornelius
  3. Rhonda Hurwitz
  4. Brian McGurgan
  5. Mary Beth Young
See my recent efforts here.


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

like to see it done but outside my bunker with all this is not possible

Casey Klahn said...

I'm just happy you're reading here, Lloyd. Thanks.

Eden Compton said...

Wow, you are on top of things Casey! Thanks for all the links -- some great artists to follow as I pursue my plein air efforts. It's a challenge but definitely worth it. Happy painting!

Casey Klahn said...

Your art is very fine, Eden. Thanks for letting me include you in the "Plein-Airists to Watch" category.

Brian McGurgan said...

Yes, thanks for all of the great links, Casey, and for your helpful tips. I love the color and composition of "By the Heath Place", and look forward to future posts. Hopefully the spring weather is co-operating with your work outdoors!

Casey Klahn said...

Not today, Brian! High winds!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks very much Casey, now I'll NEVER get out sketching - I'll be stuck in front of this computer for ever surfing through all these fantastic links! And each link produces even MORE terrific links. All great artists - thank you.
And thanks for including me too!
Now I've got some new pastels, so I'm dragging myself away to try to live up to the mention!

Casey Klahn said...

Happy to have your readership, David. Sketching...I'd better do some of that myself!

Colette Savage said...

Thanks for adding my name to your list of experienced plein air pastel painters. I truly love the medium and working outside is simply the best!