Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 4 Friday - Color

  1. Instead of thinking about warm versus cool colors, try thinking intense versus dull. Let an intense color "pop" against a grayed or non-intense color.
  2. Never use only one color where two or more will do much better. Two greens for a tree. Three blues in a sky.
  3. Begin your painting with the color idea first. Think, "this painting will be a triadic composition of yellow, blue-violet and red-violet". And that means DON'T PAINT ANYTHING BY IT'S LOCAL COLOR. If you must make something it's local color, do so at the end of the painting.
  4. Try a session where you don't use any browns (sepia, umber, ocher, etc.). It will improve the overall intensity of a painting.
  5. If you are familiar with painting in the abstract, do an abstract with the colors you are thinking of. Why not use those for your next realist work, too?


Deborah Paris said...

Love these last 2 pieces Casey. BTW, have you ever reviewed Terry Ludwig pastels? I use them almost exclusively. In fact, they have a "Deborah Paris" landscape set. They are softer than Unison and,square shaped and wonderful. check them out!

Casey Klahn said...

I'm thrilled that you like these works, Deborah. I am still playing with this "experimental" theme of far hills on a soft paper surface.

I do have the MP set of Ludwigs, which is a basic values and hues set. I am wanting to review them, but I may wait til I have more experience with them.