Monday, April 14, 2008

Fine Weather for Plein Air

M-27 Field Easel, Mabef

Holds the drawing board high and stable; arms support a box of pastels.

What kept me from making these logo banners for my various blog projects before now? I think they'll be a good way to highlight and keep organized the umpteen projects I have going simultaneously.

On the Plein Air front, I finally got out on the weekend to do some plein air with my new Field Easel. I price-shopped this Mabef M-27 easel, and found it available from a California art store for $25 cheaper than the next outlet. I'll review it for you when I get a little more practiced with it.

By the Heath Place
April, 2008
8.5" x 7.25"
Casey Klahn

My experience was very rewarding. Of course, there was the mandatory "save" from the wind blowing over the kit. Looks like 5-6 MPH is the limit for wind behavior if I want to be happy at this easel. I have an artist's white clamp on umbrella, but it needs some modification to be workable. I found a hunter's tree stand umbrella for a third of the price of the art models, and it bungees onto the field easel like it was meant to be there. Nifty.

I have three images for my labors, but only two will make the cut. And, they will need the studio finish. I see now that one can't simply get "off the couch" and succeed at this plein air work.

Here's a fellow artist who is using a field easel set-up and who is, like myself, starting anew with the plein-air style. David Cornelius of Scotland.


Lisa B. said...

This easel looks lightweight enough so that it's not burden to carry around. A big plus for plein air work. I've tried a French easel, and really hated it. Too heavy to lug very far, and just plain awkward to set up.

I love the pastel you came home with. Yum!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I was all excited for 10 seconds there - I thought you'd christened your easel 'Mabel' - such a nice name for an easel.

Then I realised my mistake........

So how about a blog post about the neat labels?

I'm going to be including your project will be appearing in 'who's made a mark this week' next Sunday! Let's find all down those plein air painters and sketchers who are gearing up for the good weather!

(PS The spelling mistake is deliberate - yes?)

Casey Klahn said...

Yeah, MabeL was my aunt. MabeF is my preferred brand of easel!

Very nice about Making the weekly Mark. It will be a challenge to find the bloggers newly plein airing.

Anyone out there fit into that category? Comment here and you may "Make a Mark" on Sunday.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the kudos, Lisa!

Sara Mathewson said...

I have a new french easel that I know now will be too heavy when the conditions call for light. So, this easel you have looks great! I'm doing lots of research into this. I
m also looking at a cigar box pochade with the tripod set up. It looks very light weight. Thanks for sharing all of your efforts with us and i love the painting!


Casey Klahn said...

My French easel is good at workshops, or as a supplemental easel in my studio. I also used to take the legs off and use it as a table easel.

I have a Judson Pochade with tripod. It worked awesome in Italy. The access to the drawing is tight, so I'll need to modify that with a support.

I now am trying a field easel because the height of the drawing is best for standing, which I must do. Mine also facilitates the use of a bigger palette.

As usual, Sara, my reader's questions are ahead of my posts. I'll be detailing easels much later, but first I have to get the big field palette posted.


Edition Handdruck said...

I have only eyes for the beautiful colors in your painting ! I don´t use any easel at all :).

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Martin.

Robyn said...

That's a stunning photograph of your field easel, Casey. Would make a great painting!

Beautiful pastel from her maiden voyage too.

And, I see Katherine has asked already, but I can't wait to see a tutorial on how to make one of those logo banners. Please!

Casey Klahn said...

Maybe a good drawing, huh?

Thanks, Robyn. And I will show the back story on the logos. That'll take a few days, since I have a rotation of posts pre-written.