Monday, July 6, 2009

Apple on Olive Book

Apple on an Olive Book
Tiny; @ 1.8" x 1"
Hard & Soft Pastel
Casey Klahn

I am doing this little series of apples.


Kelly Marszycki said...

I am amazed at the clarity and definition in something of this size! Wonderful color combo, too. Why have you chosen this size, if I may ask?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Kelly! These little paintings, which may be actually more like 2" x 1.8" or something (sorry to be lazy - the studio is not here) - I guess I was thinking of thumbnails as finished works.

Also, I needed a reset from my river series, so I undertook these quick little works. Turns out to be the same amount of time, after fussing about with little details.

I did do the first one at @7" x 5", and used it as a prototype for these. Then, to freshen the scene up, I looked at it again as a still life set-up in my white SL cut-away box with direct lighting.

Brian McGurgan said...

"Little" indeed! This is miniscule! I'm amazed that you're working on such a small scale with these apples, Casey, but impressed at the richness of color you've managed to achieve. Makes me want to work on something really small, too. I hope you'll post more of these.

Casey Klahn said...

Looks like I'll have to take a candid of these works, for the fun of it. I have more already photoed and photoshopped for post.

It helps to have the sanded paper in getting the color richness, I feel.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer said...

What a delightful small pastel. It has two beautiful diagonal lines crossing and the dark and light in the back give enough depth. I'm amazed by how you have created the illusion of gold. You are a colour wizard.

Abcdefg said...

I saw your comment on Paula's and stopped by to see your piece. Lovely .. worth the "trip" over. :-) And even more delightful that it's just a tidbit. Wonderful.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Paula. I just thought of this book when I read your post!

Hi, unknown commenter. I usually skip over nameless commenters, but I also can tell authentic ones. You are very kind, and I hope you blog and comment some more!