Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Guest, Gesa Helms

Artist Gesa Helms

Gesa Helms, of Glasgow, Scotland, is my guest artist for a few posts starting this week. Her work has been recognized in The Pastel Journal 100, and she has been delighting us at her blog with her artwork focused on both Scottish landscapes and those of her German home.

Gesa has found that small bodies of water capture her interest, and she has been exploring this on paper through both pastel and printmaking. She is adopting the palette and other elements of Wolf Kahn's art in these impressively loose and expressive works.

One One Three
47 cm x 32 cm
Pastel and Acrylic on Board
Gesa Helms

Selected in The Pastel Journal 100

Return here for her article on this journey to interpret the landscape of her home area of rural Northwest Germany. She blogs at Paint and Pastel blogspot.


Brian McGurgan said...

Looking forward to more in this series featuring Gesa's work, Casey - she's been engaged in some exciting pastel exploration these days and some interesting monotype work as well.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Brian.

Gesa said...

Hi Casey, oops - did I catch myself staring back at me from your post.

I'm sure you'll be going back to your WK project - I think a rather lose notion of 'project' works well in such cases: to explore and pick up again at those points when it matters; I am curious what others of your readers will make of it, and very excited by the opportunity to talk about it here at Pastel. Many thanks, again - and also to Brian for his very nice comment!