Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Palette for Plein Air

Newly Minted Large Plein Air Palette, with Medium Boxes Shown at Top.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, the family and I enjoyed our traditional weekend at the lake cabin. Complete with fireworks and a fun boat parade, this vacation offered me a much needed chance to sleep like the house cat. I couldn't get enough!

Because of a mix-up, the pre-packed plein air kit that I had staged by the door of the studio arrived at the lake with no paper! Try that for an obstacle, some time. Safely there were my French easel, my canvas bag with accessories, and my newly supplied big palette box for its maiden voyage.

You may recall that my Plein Air Project had featured my Six Unisons "Go Kit", and my medium sized palettes, but the big box hasn't been shown yet. So, here is the reveal.

Many years ago I had purchased a box of 100 Senneliers at a clearance price from Jerry's Artarama, and like all of my original boxes they become something to reuse. I keep a stock of small wooden boxes, especially cigar boxes, ready for my next idea or need. The great thing about this Sennie box is that it is made-to-order and divided just right. Without foam inserts, I figure it must be good for about 200 sticks. Then, I add foam over the top to make a tight clam shell.

Next time: Lake Images, and How to Cope Without Paper. Also, at The Colorist, I will be writing about my conversation at the lake with our cousin, the HP color printer soft ware engineer. He took me to school about the computer and printer world of color theory.

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