Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moleskine Theme - Freedom!

Bob Dylan sings Mister Tambourine Man

Like Bob Dylan sings, " dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, silhouetted by the sea..," Freedom!

Like Martin Luther pounds a nail in the Wittenberg door...Freedom!

Like a cowboy sings at a camp meeting...Freedom!

Except we're talking about art, here. My theme at the Moleskine Exchange International collaborative blog is Freedom!

Ridens, 1929

OK. Like Picabia tells his gallerists and patrons to shove...uh, you get the idea. Freedom!

Like Pollock drips house paint on an unprimed canvas. Freedom!

Dora Maar Au Chat

Like Picasso puts two eyes to the left of the nose. Freedom!

"Let me forget about today until tomorrow."


Lor Lor said...

Wooo Hooo
Way to go Casey love it.

Lindsay said...

Go Casey! LOVE the theme. I can't wait to see what we all do with this one.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Good stuff Casey!

You could also add this clip of oor Mel with his face painted blue giving his freedom speech from Braveheart:

vivien said...

mmmmmm I have to start thinking now!

This will be fun :>) ..... and a challenge

Gesa said...

good collection here and it'll be really exciting to see what the others before me will have done with freedom. good one!

Casey Klahn said...

Great to have everyone check in.

FYI, the main cross-posting for me will be at my blog, The Colorist. That one is for process stuff (like this Moley project), and this one is for nuts and bolts about pastel painting, and some of my pastels.

I guess I posted here because I already had one up that day on The Colorist. My bad.

Everyone's themes look awesome to me, too. And, my sketchbook did come yesterday. Woo Hoo.