Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to Pastel - PastelsBlog.blogspot

Small On-Sight Box

Red Barn with Ramp
12.75" x 9.25'
Casey Klahn

While there are a precious few blogs that feature works in pastel, there is still a need for a blog about just the medium itself. Pastel has been described as the world's first (colored) medium, and yet (paradoxically) it is in a renaissance today. Who can resist these luscious, rich colors that vibrate before one's eyes?

The subject of pastel is in demand at my blog, The Colorist. Because of this, and also because I am narrowing and refining the scope of that popular blog, I have decided to pursue the subject of this dynamic artist's tool in this new blog. To be specific, I want to discuss here the qualities and dimensions of the pastel medium. This cannot, of course, be divorced from the art that is being produced currently by so many artists throughout the world. I hope to feature as many contemporary pastellists as possible, and to interview them one by one for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

In the little less than a year that I have been writing The Colorist, I have posted the most frequently articles with the tag: "pastel". Although I had intended to only post every 1-3 days, in March of 2007, I posted 45 times during that month's focus on the subject of the pastel medium.

Historical masters of the pastel stick will also be fair venue, here. Links to primary resources about pastel, and also vendors of the gem-like little sticks will be included. How about the peripherals such as paper, fixative, studio tools, and the like? And, my own pastel works will be highlighted, too. Basically, whatever interests me and relates to the medium will be the main rule.


vivien said...

I love pastel and don't use it often enough - mainly because of the problems framing it so I don't constantly get flecks of pastel on the glass or mat!

I look forward to your new blog :)

Gesa said...

Oh - this sounds very exciting, Casey! It's a good idea and the blog is already added to my feedreader. Am looking forward to what will appear here...

Patricia said...

Wow! Love the barn picture. Can I buy it?



I already did.

It still throws me every time I see it public - makes me think I have a copy here. Then it makes me proud that it's ours, all ours ::muhaha::!

Say hi to family!

Casey Klahn said...

You are my most twisted patron, Patty!

Will do, and hi back atcha!