Saturday, September 29, 2007

Abstract Saturday

Abstract Reds Over Blues, Detail

Original Pastel
Casey Klahn


Elizabeth Love said...

Just checking to see what you are getting up to, Casey! I like all the shots of pastels in trays...they look decorative in a must-touch sort of way! Take care.

Casey Klahn said...

No doubt the medium of pastel is a tactile one!
Something is keeping me from re-posting old ground, but maybe I need to revisit the pastel palette afresh. Thanks for the idea, Elizabeth.

Gesa said...

Hi Casey,
you should just have gotten a hit from Germany - if it shows up? Here for work... and just been linking to your new blog... I like the idea of the blog a lot and am looking forward to see it developing!

Casey Klahn said...

Ja. One hit @ 8:50 . Thanks for reading and commenting, Gesa!