Friday, September 26, 2008


Ponte Vecchio - Old City
@7" x 6"
Graphite on 70gr. Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

Under Riva Ridge, Italy
@8" x 5"
Casey Klahn

View my complete body of drawings at Pastel.

At The Colorist, I also have a collection of drawings.

The Portal
4.75" x 4.5"
Scene at "Riva Ridge," Italy
Casey Klahn

Lake Garda Alley
@4" x 3.75"
Casey Klahn

See all of my drawings at The Colorist.


Lor Lor said...

Hi Casey
I've been enjoying this post. There is something about your mark making that reminds me of Van Gogh's drawings.
A lot expressed with great economy.
Best wishes Lorraine.

Lynne Chapman said...

I just love your sketching style. Gorgeous mark-making.

I discovered you by chance, you know, hopping from one person's fave blogs to another, like you do...

Thought I'd stop to say hello, givne that I happen to be an ilustrator who works in pastels! We are a fairly unusual bunch!