Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drawing Class

Bald Ridge, Pencil & Pastel
5" x 8"
Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

If you have been faithfully waiting for the next posts at Pastel, thank you. I have been so busy with things (son's birthday; school starts; you-name-it) that I suddenly looked at the blog dashboard and realized that I hadn't posted here for over a week!

Some News:

I will soon have a great follow-up on the Brian McGurgan Abandoned Barn posted here, and the fast-action in blog posting is happening at The Colorist, where I am looking at my goals and artist's traits.

I am writing my lesson plans for the upcoming basic drawing class that I will be teaching in Davenport, Washington. Since it's a new endeavor, and I value teaching, I am putting forth a lot of effort to have a good plan. I do have a couple of paintings on the easel, but overall things are slow in the studio. Some times are just for studying, I guess.

1 comment:

Brian McGurgan said...

This is a beautiful sketch, Casey, with gorgeous color and a wonderful sense of space. Best wishes with your teaching preparations - those are some lucky students, and they'll benefit enormously from all of the thought and planning you're putting into your lessons.