Friday, March 21, 2008


I'll take a holiday from the Pastel Tips, today. Any questions or input on what to cover next?

Everyone have a fine Good Friday.


Sara Mathewson said...

Hi Casey'

I was wondering if you could cover what equipment you use for painting en plein air? Do you use the same pastels for painting outside that you use in your studio, or do you have them separate? I am just beginning to paint en plein air and am curious about what other artists use for equipment. Thanks,


Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Sara.

Thanks for the question. As it turns out I am going to start a whole series on plein-air, which will include equipment.

I keep a few cigar boxes separate, filled with @ 30-40 pastels, organized by value and not by hue.

Why don't you work along with me as the spring weather improves? I'll be weaving the plein-air experiences in with my regular pastel posts.

Sara Mathewson said...

That sounds like a great idea Casey! I live in New Mexico, so spring is well underway here. I hope to get out tomorrow and do some painting. I'm hoping to see some poppies down by El Paso.

Have a great Easter!


Chris Bolmeier said...

Hi Casey,
You always put usable content on your blog. Thank you for all the great information that I can use.
Chris Bolmeier

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Chris.