Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wolf Kahn Project Outline

It may seem a little antithetical to create an outline for being "free and loose" in pastel drawings. Har, har! But, since yesterdays posts were well received, I felt some outlining of this project may be appreciated. Certainly, since I have so many projects running at the same time, here, and since I haven't set a strict period of time for this WK Project, it may be useful to provide an outline for this project.

Also, there may be one or two of you who will be wanting to follow along with your own drawings. If you want to post them, and if you let me know that you have, I will be happy to link to them.

Wolf Kahn Project Outline
  1. The actual mirroring of a Wolf Kahn drawing is not an intention, but the intention will be to free-up my own drawing style compared to now. Also my pastel painting style may loosen up, too.
  2. Personally, I wish to take more subject matter from nature during this project.
  3. New School Color will be a part of this process. Another way to put this is that color will be a key compositional element, if not the controlling element, in these drawings.
  4. I want to employ more of my abstract techniques at the same time, which are scrubbing, erasing, and rubbing.
  5. I want at least one drawing that I will frame and keep for myself.


Gesa said...

these are really good posts - i had only recently purchased a book by kahn. and was immediately fascinated, the use of colour is very different to what i've come across before. i think i'm just not very familiar with north american art history - abstract expressionism and related colour theory - so this is going to be an interesting project to follow!

Casey Klahn said...

You may want to look at my label for abstract expressionism. In turn, I want to learn more about your Scottish Colourists. How do they differ from the Fauvists (opther than the obvious nationality difference)?

Gesa said...

Yes - I'll look at the Abstract Express. - and promise to get round to the Colourists... but must admit, that I mostly rely on German early c20 for colour ;)

Casey Klahn said...

That's another subject we want to hear about! Looks like the Gesa blog will be the "go to" place for quite a while.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Casey,
Gesa's blog has led me into yours and very grateful I am to her too!
Each of your blogsites are fascinating treasure troves I will rumage around, so when your viewing numbers shoot up you'll know it's me!
Immediatly I saw your work, Casey, I thought of Wolfie Khan and the two books of his (Pastels and America) which are constant sources of inspiration and pleasure to me.
Your pastels have a great strength of character that I like.
Regards from Scotland

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, David, and nice to meet you. You are too kind.