Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Schmincke Pastels

"MELIORA COGITO – I strive for the best".

This venerable and old German pigmentist offers the ultimate in soft pastels.
I consider them indispensable for my palette.

The collection is 400 colors, which are 80 hues, with 5 values of each. In addition, they field 5 pearl based sticks. A PDF color chart from the manufacturer is here.

I like their B,D,H,M,O logic, which is Black, Hue, and three tints of the hue. Easy to follow, really.

My own take is that the Schminckes are rather grayed up colors, but consistent as the day is long. They are large, soft and creamy. As a matter of considered opinion, they rate as the softest pastel sticks made.

One has to be thoughtful about the use of the softest pastel known to man. Effective for highlights, they will otherwise fill the tooth of your paper quicker than the "harder" brands.

I rely on their yellow spectrum, which is intense even in it's gray-yellow lights. That is saying something, since many yellows by other manufacturers can leave you wanting. Having trouble finding your proper olive greens? Look to Schmincke for those, too.


Katherine said...

They also do a blue which is great for sky whenever you are anywhere where the intensity of the blue is all you can see. Of course I can't remember what it's name is!

Casey Klahn said...

I do value their blue greens highly, too. A set of Schmincke blue colors would be great, but I think I bought all of mine as open stock.

Thanks for reading!