Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pastel Artists Discovered

Here is a short list of some excellent pastelists that I have come across on the net. Pour yourself another cup, and start clickin'...

By the way, it looks as if we're on a loose marine theme here.

  1. Derek Jones, of Scottish Borders, U.K. has some beautiful mixed media (I see pretty much the pastel) and of particular interest are his current postings with turquoise boats. Derek, would you happen to know the Sixteen Men of Tain?
  2. Steve Hill, of Lopez Island, WA. Steve is the president of the Northwest Pastel Society, and I've noticed things good happening over there. I'd better get off my rear and join up soon. I guarantee you that Steve probably knows the 16 Men of Tain. I think I closed a sale on one of Steve's pastels once. You still owe me for that one, Steve.
  3. Mary Aslin, a member of the NPS. Her blog is here.
  4. Sandy Byers. Whidbey Island resident and fine artist.
  5. James Southworth. Very strong color and very prolific artist.

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