Friday, October 26, 2007

Pastel - Pacific Coast Shipyard - Bump!

Hoquiam Shipyard 1
6" x 4.5"
Original Pastel
24 October, 2007
Casey Klahn

This is a scene from my home town of Hoquiam, Washington. File this one under: "hobby," since it's a more realistic piece than I am used to doing. Because of my lack of practice lately, it took me many tries to get workable composition of this one. I'm still not satisfied, but since it's going in my own collection, it will have to be finished as is. Fun stuff!

After the funeral of a favorite uncle near my home town, I stopped at the Hoquiam River and had a plein air session in full sunlight. That's a very rare occurrence in my home town, so it was a special and memorable time. I rarely get to my old town, anymore, since it's a very long drive from my new home area.

The image of this artwork is also not taken with our professional outfit, but with my point and shoot digital camera under studio lights.

I'd like to share the photo merge that I made on Photoshop from my photos of that day:

Room for more paintings from this shoot, no doubt.

Here is an envelope with some value studies for this painting. In the end, I only got some grouped value masses from this exercise.


Robyn said...

Gosh Casey, you should do more plein air realistic paintings - this is beautiful. I really enjoyed your analysis of the work too. Lovely, lovely picture.

Casey Klahn said...

You're a dear, Robyn. Another one of the shipyard is on the easel. My wife is in a decorating mode, so she is pleased to have a couple of paintings to hang.

I'm enjoying the new Judson's Guerrilla Painter catalog that came in the mail yesterday. I might even buy some stuff, like an extender for the lid of my ThumBox that holds the board higher.

Hmmm. Maybe we have new post idea, here!