Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Sketch
@7" x 9." 
Charcoal and chalk on toned brown paper.
Casey Klahn

This is a life sketch I rendered last weekend at a battle reenactment.  The opportunity to draw the figure from life is rare for me, and Civil War reenactments are a grand time, with costumed participants, equipment and regalia for subject-matter.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, relaxed and loose feel. How long (in minutes) was this study?

Looking forward to seeing more, especially anything with action done from photos.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks much! I noticed my quick sketching is slowing down these days. But, this was probably 5 minutes, and he was very sedentary.

I did do some action sketches from life, and some can be seen if you select the Civil War tag here.

I will post some from photos, later, but they will be an amalgam of memory, life and with photos as reference.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey, I think you captured an interesting gesture. It's fascinating to see how much you can capture with such loose marks. I' m particularly interested in the toned paper, it's different starting with mid tones. You use it well.