Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Inspiration

This is a bit of an April Fool's joke, as the miniature flower pastel is from the imagination.  But, here is my travel and plein air box ready to go!  Maybe today I will get out the door and paint!

Special note: if I can get my studio palette spruced up, I will post a photo.  I really need to make another one of those studio boxes, as I have the space and too many sticks.

Black Earth with Yellow, @ 4" x 4," Pastel, Casey Klahn.


Donna Gordon Pastels and Giclees said...

Love this. An inspiration. When I get my cast maybe I'll try painting with my left hand. I'm itching to paint anything.

Casey Klahn said...

Get that hand well, Donna. Left handed pastel work? That sounds like a good exercise!