Sunday, April 26, 2009

Street Pastels


Ever get bored with the run-of-the-mill artist's routine? Clock into the studio, crank up the easel, and take out your muse bat. Ho Hum. Another day of seeking brilliance.

I'll bet my bottom lira that Kelly Borsheim lives an anything but boring artist's life. Try this lifestyle on for instance: ex-pat sculptor and street painter in Florence, Italy. I know - your jaw just hit the floor. If you've ever been to Florence, you know the layout. All pedestrian and pavement. Beautiful statuary and architecture everywhere. I can't imagine a better canvas than the pavement of Florence - abundant and inspirational.

Now, I feel all inspired to hit my studio, again...whither goest thou, Brilliance?


Kelly Borsheim said...

Hey -- how cool is that!! You have a video of my colleagues Junji, HisaYuki and LaLu chalking in Florence, Italy!! Via Calimala, near the porcellino market.

And thank you for making me sound rather exotic. I start chalking again every Wednesday and Thursday with my friends here in Florence. (Our group of "madonnari" must work under the rules of a "manifestazione" in Italian law because the "Comune" (City Hall) has not issued us permits since December. We have paid so much money to them just to try to get our questions answered about why they want us to change the way we work. Horribile!

Anyway, there is an annual street painting competition in Nochera Superiore, up a mountain near Napoli in southern Italy May 15-16. Check back with my blog after that event if you want to see images of the chalk art -- street painters from all over Italia will be there.

Thanks for sharing the art energy!
Kelly Borsheim, sculptor "e madonnara" of the human form

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for commenting back, Kelly. All of your work at your website is fantastic!

I wondered if spring and summer would put you back to the street art, and I read about the bureaucratic problems. I know you are a fine sculptor too, but what an awesome activity street painting must be. Thanks for sharing your art with us.