Monday, January 7, 2008

First Fruits

First Painting

The new studio engine is starting to hum. This post displays the first pastel to come off of the easel. Of course, my sweetie got this one for her birthday.

We still don't have the photo station set up, so I took this picture ad hoc. Since I have been reminded of the wisdom of copying, I'll go ahead and admit that this image was copied from one I saw in print. Nothing copied ever makes it out for sale, but when you're trying to prime the pump, so to speak, it helps to glean some ideas from those you admire. I find that when I do copy other pastelists for realist images, they wind up changing quit a bit. Anyway, if copying was good enough for the masters...

The next two paintings will go out to the fellows who worked hard to get my trailer up to speed for the winter. I'll be posting some insights into the new trailer-studio at The Colorist soon.